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Ewald's Venus Ford Makes it Easy to Save on Batteries

If you have an old battery lying around in your car, then it may be time to get it checked out, as the battery is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle. An older battery can lead to many serious issues with your vehicle, such as battery acid leaks and explosions, but most commonly an old battery will result in being stranded on the road with no way to start your vehicle. But never fear, as Ewald's Milwaukee Service Center will help you find out what you need for your car, and will happily teach you about the basic battery safety you need.

Your standard car battery is typically made up of around six cells that provide all of the power your vehicle uses, but as time goes on these cells will start to lose power. Eventually, these cells will get so low on power that you can’t turn on your vehicle, and you can even end up with a completely dead cell, leaving you stranded in a car that doesn't work. And if you are very unlucky, your old battery may begin to leak the extremely corrosive battery acid inside, eating away at your vehicle and causing more extensive damage, and if you are even more unlucky, your old battery may explode entirely. Should that happen, you will need to fix a lot more than just replacing your battery, and that can get very expensive very quickly.

An old battery makes life even harder when the cold winter months roll around, as lower temperatures decrease the speed with which your battery works, and that means that when you have a low or dead cell in your battery it will be a very challenging task. This is exactly why Ewald's Milwaukee Auto Service Center in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin strongly advocates having an old battery check out when the weather gets cool, so you will know whether or not you need a new battery.

Time is also a significant drain on the power of your battery, as your battery will eventually start losing its charge regardless of whether or not you have used it. So if you have an old battery or a vehicle that has been sitting around for a few months, you should have it serviced at one of Ewald’s Auto Service Centers in Milwaukee, just in case. Even if you have had your battery jumped, you should have it looked at, as in some cases it may be an alternator issue, dead cells, but more often than not its is simply the battery running too low. You can know for certain when you get it checked at Ewald’s Milwaukee Car Service Center.

It is also easy to replace the battery on your own, but you should be well aware of the risks and dangers of doing so yourself before attempting it. Ewald’s Milwaukee Service Center encourages you to learn how to spot signs of corrosion, and leaks, and how to identify the positive post from the negative post, as it can be dangerous to confuse the two. Thanks to Ewald's Service Center in the beautiful city of Milwaukee your battery replacement is sure to be quick, easy, and above all safe. We can help you find out what kind of car battery your particular vehicle needs from the many car batteries available in Milwaukee, and our Lifetime Guarantee on Milwaukee batteries gives you peace of mind by ensuring that you can always get a reliable battery when you need it. So schedule an appointment at Ewald’s Milwaukee Car Service Center, to have them replace your battery and service your car.
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