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Looking for new cars during this season is excellent. Because every car company is coming out with their new car models right now. As people trade-in last year's models, our Ford used cars for sale inventory grows larger. We know that not everyone has the cash to buy new vehicles and that’s why we are excited to offer you our used cars for sale near you. At Ewald Venus Ford, we want to help every one of our customers find the vehicle they need. That’s why we built up this fantastic selection of cars. So, no matter what your credit score is or if you have past debts, we will be ready to offer cheaper options that can fit anyone’s budget. Our finance team will also work with you one-on-one to help you find a deal from one of our real-time lenders.

Ford Waukesha

We make car shopping easy here at Ewald Venus Ford. Our professional staff will take the burden off of your shoulders to find the perfect car. We are going to listen to your needs and find you a few options that are precisely what you want. You can test drive them and feel out for yourself if there is another feature you really couldn’t do without. After all, you will be driving this car every day, so you want to make sure your investment counts and is worth years of commitment. But we do more than find you a car to buy. If anything ever happens to your vehicle after buying it, say an accident or a mishap with a pothole, our service center is here too. Our trained technicians are sure to get your car in and out in a timely fashion to ensure that you have a safe and reliable vehicle again. We are going to make car shopping, financing, and servicing smooth as your Waukesha car dealer.

The Ford Escape S is a popular model for all our customers. Even from it’s older years, it still has excellent features that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. It has a backup camera and a 4.2” LCD center screen so you can see where you are going at all times. With a vehicle, you want to make sure it can travel long and short distances without you having to fill up the tank all the time. That’s why we make sure it’s gas mileage is functioning up to its highest performance. With comfortable cloth upholstery and working air conditioning, your passengers will be able to travel with you.

Since we compete with other Waukesha dealerships, we know that to help you find a car you will like, you need to know the details. Our Ford Waukesha salespeople are going to give you every detail we know about our vehicles. We see each one is in excellent condition because of our thorough inspection. Each car at our Waukesha dealerships has to be a safe and reliable vehicle for all our customers. So feel free to call our team about this vehicle or check out our website for more detailed information about our cars. We are ready to help as your Ford Waukesha today.

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