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Getting ready for a new project can be something that is exciting instead of stressful. Whether the project is a work situation for you to put up a new building or an at-home project, we have just what you need. It can be hard to tow and haul around your tools and materials for construction if all you have are sedans or trailers you have to connect. One thing that will make any leisure, fun, or work-related project run smoother is finding lifted trucks for sale in Wisconsin. Trucks are top-rated in Wisconsin because of all their features and capabilities for these areas of expertise. We know just where you can find vehicles that everything you need too! You can come to Ewald Venus Ford in Cudahy, WI, where we have an extraordinary selection of lifted trucks for sale in WI. Our team can help you figure out which one will perform the best for you based on what your list of projects is. Because if you need something that can tow a lot of weight, that may be more important than having something with a larger chassis.

But on the other hand, if you need to haul lots of wood and equipment, a more significant chassis could be just what you need. Our sales team knows the difference between each of these trucks, and we are proud to be able to find one for you. We will also make sure that it has the comfort and safety features that you want in a reliable vehicle.

Lifted Trucks for Sale in Wisconsin

We have a Ford F-150 with an SCA Performance package on it in our inventory. This is just one of the many vehicles we have with a package added to it. You might be asking what performance packages are and what they do for our trucks. This particular one is called Black Widow, and it adds style and power to your vehicle. You can see the difference right away because of the six-inch suspension lift that comes with all packages. This makes you more able to take on rough terrain and stay above any bad road conditions. It also adds strength with impressive pieces and parts from the Ford dealerships in your area. The F-150 may be the truck for you if you need something to tow big loads regularly. It makes a great work truck because of the added tow package. It also has spacious seating for five people and a beautiful, detailed interior. It is essential to our team that you know you can rely on us if anything happens. We don’t just sell lifted trucks for sale in Wisconsin; we make sure that you have a backup for any accidents. Let us be your trusted Ford dealerships in your area.

Even if you are on a budget, we can still help you find a truck that fits your needs! We have a selection of used Trucks Milwaukee. So you can even get what you need without breaking your bank account. Our whole staff is ready to help you find the best options for you, so feel free to call or stop by to get more information.

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