Ford Dealer in Milwaukee

Making a decision on a new car can be a difficult situation. It’s hard to get a clear idea of what cars you should buy or look at because of everyone’s opinions getting in the way. It can be tough to do enough research to understand what is the truth and what is a rumor about a particular car. Since we have been a part of building this community. We feel like we must be as honest and upfront we can be about the facts. Our sales team members do have personal experiences with vehicles, but most of their knowledge is on the facts. That’s why we can trust them to show you the right used SUV Milwaukee. So our wide selection of new and used vehicles at Ewald Venus Ford in Cudahy, WI, is managed and known by our honest team.

Used SUV Milwaukee

Our 2019 Ford Escape Titanium is a fantastic vehicle for lots of our customers. It has lots of features to help you know where you are, so you feel confident about your driving. Navigation systems, backup cameras, and Sirius XM are there to ease your mind by helping you know where you are going. So now, you can keep track of your trips and make sure you are set for any travel with top of the line technology. It also has Bluetooth so you can choose your own music, podcasts, or book to listen to on your way to work. We know that you will be impressed by the amount of gas mileage and comfort you will have with used SUV Milwaukee.

Another one of our choices for you can be a Ford Edge. This vehicle is a little smaller than the Escape, as mentioned earlier. It is a four-wheel drive and allows you to use it’s 2.0 i4 EcoBoost engine. This car will save you time and money since you won’t have to fill it up with as often. Having an Eco-friendly vehicle might give you a sense of peace knowing that you are doing something great for our environment too. As your Ford dealer Milwaukee, WI, we will take the time to show you through all the options that can work for you. Our salespeople have extensive knowledge and experience with our cars so that they can tell you about the differences. Sometimes having leather seats will help you clean up after your messy younger children.

When you are coming to us, your Ford dealer in Milwaukee, we are ready to step up to the plate and help you find what you need. One of the ways we can help you is by offering our experts with our Ford Financial Services. We have helped all our customers get back home in their new cars from Ford Milwaukee. We are ready and willing to help you do the same. We will make sure that you have the time you need to talk about your ideal for a monthly budget. We are the Ford dealer in Milwaukee that is willing to go the extra mile for you and your satisfaction.