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No one likes the word moist. We grimaced over here, just typing that out. But that’s also the same way we grimace when we hear about other Waukesha car dealerships who take advantage of their customers. There are many different ways that they can take advantage of you. One could be by using high-pressure sales tactics. They can use this to sell you a car they don’t want on their lot, one that is the most expensive, or one that has problems they don’t want to disclose. Here, at Ewald Venus Ford, we use honesty and respect with every customer. You deserve to know what that used car has been through and what you need to be prepared for. Our vehicles are top of the line, new or used. We make sure they all have clean histories and are safe before we decide to offer them to our customers. It’s also important to know that you have a team you can trust to go back to if your car ever needs repairs. You can’t believe someone who weaseled you into buying a vehicle that isn’t working very well. Do you see our point? We want you to have Waukesha car dealerships that you know will help you for years to come. Whether it’s an oil change or a more significant body repair form an accident, we’ve got you covered!

Used Ford Vehicles

Since we have a staff that cares about finding you the right vehicle, we carry a wide selection of cars for you to choose from. At our used car dealerships, we are here for your needs. We take the time to find out what your needs are as a future Ford owner. Even if it’s caring about the little things like having a sunroof or a great stereo so you can jam to your music. We believe in stocking high-quality, used cars because we know about the financial benefits that come with it. Everyone knows that automobiles depreciate over time, but when you decide to buy a new vehicle, it depreciates fast! In the first few years of owning it, you’ll see a quick decline in your car’s value, and that’s not what you want! So that is one reason why we love to offer used vehicles at our Waukesha dealerships!

We are always ready with a few solutions that you are going to love. We have options like a 2018 Ford Escape. This vehicle is a newer model, which means you’ll get all the modern features the latest models do! It has a backup camera, Sync 3, and remote entry. All these features will make it easier for you to use your vehicle for everyday tasks. We have other cars we love to show off at our Waukesha car dealerships. Our second pick is a used Ford Explorer. While these two have similar technology features, this vehicle has a third-row seat for more space! It also has a four-wheel-drive option and push-button start that the Escape does not have. We would love to see you at our Waukesha dealerships to test drive these vehicles for yourself! The only way to know if you like a car is to drive it yourself and to see how it fits for you.

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