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Every few years, or maybe a decade for some, you decide to start looking for a new car. Whether you have a lease term that’s ending or your paying more than your car is worth in maintenance and repair fees. There are so many options that come up when you start looking up, “used cars Kenosha.” You could be very shocked like we were at some of the possibilities that came up. We couldn’t believe some of the dealerships that were selling vehicles. We saw some that we wouldn’t dream of giving our customers safe and reliable cars. So we made it our mission to make sure we had affordable cars as your Kenosha car dealers. We know it’s hard to find one car that will do everything for you, but that’s why we hired professionals on our team to help you properly. Our professional salespeople are going to help you narrow it down from our wide selection of new and used vehicles. We want you to be in a car that will keep you safe and happy for years.

Ford Dealer Kenosha, WI

At Ford Kenosha, we have a committed staff who is going to go above and beyond for your needs. When you call to schedule a test drive, our customer service team will get you a time that fits your schedule. After that, our sales team will meet with you, and they will listen to the kind of car you say you want. If you don’t sound too entirely sure, or if our sales staff needs more information, they will start to ask you questions. This way, they can find out what features you need at our Ford dealer Kenosha, WI. For example, if you need to clean up after your kids regularly, leather seats would be an excellent option. They won’t stain as bad, and they are clean after a swipe with a wet wipe or cloth. That might be a reason that we show you a Ford Fusion as a possible car you would like. Our sales staff has years of experience satisfying our customers’ and their car needs. The other way our team can help is out is after you have found the car you want to take back home. We know from experience that it can sound ominous, but it’s not that bad; the financing department! Our team in the finance department will blow your mind! They are the ticket when it comes to taking your car home. They will do the calling, haggling, and paperwork that the rest of us aren’t fond of to get you back home as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on the team that’s been built here as your Kenosha car dealers. As your leading Ford dealers nearby, we are here to show you just how simple car shopping can be. For most of our returning customers, they can tell you about our significant parts and service department too. How they deliver fast and impressive work on every vehicle. We are excited to help you start this new adventure with your next vehicle.

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