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Shopping for a brand new car to replace your current vehicle can be a difficult task. There are many different types of vehicles to consider! But for many drivers, finding a great deal can feel like the hardest part. But with Ewald's Venus Ford and our Ford financial services, we can make it easy. For over fifty years, Ewald's Venus Ford and our Ford dealerships near you have provided drivers with an easy way to get a great vehicle. At Ewald's Venus Ford, we strive to make your time shopping for a vehicle at our dealer and easy and enjoyable one. Visit Ewald's Venus Ford and take advantage of our Ford financial services and quality customer support today.


Ford Lease Deals

There are many people that feel nervous or anxious when it comes to shopping for a new vehicle. Many drivers worry about affordability and finances and struggle to find a deal that works with their budget. But thanks to our Ford financial services and our Ford lease deals, affording the new Ford vehicle you want is easier than ever. Our Ford lease deals provide drivers with a more easily affordable way to fit the new Ford they want within their finances. With our Ford lease deals, you can get your hands on a great vehicle without being totally committed to it. With this Ford financial service, you can drive a great Ford vehicle for the duration of your lease term. Once the term of your lease has ended, you can choose to buy out your vehicle if you like it. If you decide you would rather not buy, then you can trade in your current vehicle for a newer Ford model. With Ewald's Venus Ford, you can find Ford truck lease deals, car deals, SUVs deals, and more. Take a look at what these great deals and offers can do for you!


Ford Motor Credit

Perhaps you are a driver that struggles or worries over credit issues? Do you worry that your credit score will hold you back from getting the deal that you need? With our Ford financial services and Ford motor credit, drivers can overcome that obstacle with ease. Thanks to our Ford credit, drivers can put the worries of credit issues behind them. With Ford Motor Credit, we are able to construct a financial plan from many different credit scores, high and low. We will be happy to help you find the financing options that work for your financial needs. If you have any questions or feel confused, our Ford financial services staff will be happy to assist you. We will be more than happy to help you through every part of the car buying process, start to finish. Check out what our Ford financial services can do for you today.


At Ewald's Venus Ford and our Ford dealers near you, we commit ourselves to providing excellent service. Whether with our Ford lease deals or our selection of vehicles, Ewald's Venus Ford will be happy to assist you.

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