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Cars at Dealerships for Sale

If it’s time for you to upgrade to your next vehicle, we want to help you learn the less stressful way to buy another car. Having a dealership to help you buy a vehicle can make a world of difference. You get true facts and details about the vehicles you are interested in from our professional salespeople. We hired people that have been in the world of cars for years. We wanted our customers to have access to years of experience and knowledge through our staff. So you can come to Ewald Venus Ford knowing exactly what you want…

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Buying a Car with Financial Services


Deciding to purchase from Ford dealers Milwaukee can be nerve-wracking for some people with a tight budget. The best part about coming to Ewald Venus Ford though, is when you realize that you can save money by buying from our selection of used cars Milwaukee. We have a massive selection that you can see online. We are sure that we can find an option that you will love. With so many to choose from, you could decide to switch from looking at average sedans to finding a sporty vehicle that you want to show off. It’s as easy as…

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Lifted F-150 Trucks

Looking for a new truck is no small task. At Ewald Venus Ford, we understand very well the importance of finding a vehicle that can take on tough tasks. Whether this is a vehicle for leisure, personal, or work use, you want to make sure it is tough enough. When most people think of trucks, they think of their ability to drive on extra tough terrains and their ability to tow large items. So if this is a car that you want to use for an annual fishing and camping trip, you will feel secure in your option to tow…

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Cars for Sale Near Milwaukee

If you are preparing to buy a vehicle this season, we highly suggest finding a dealer you can trust to help you along the way. Shopping with Milwaukee Ford dealerships means that you have access to a whole slew of opportunities that others aren’t. If we want to compare buying a car with a dealership and a private seller, it feels like two different worlds. In the private seller world, you only get what is shown. A car for a reasonable price. While that is all fine and dandy for some, we are proud of the fact that we…

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Buying Used Cars in Milwaukee

Buying a car before the holidays can feel like a nonsensical thing to do. You already have a full schedule with all the holiday plans and parties to go to. But we know how we can help you save time and money while buying a car this season. Our team at Ewald Venus Ford has helped many of our customers find cars, no matter what their situation was. We have helped people find new business cars, work trucks, and brand new family vehicles in preparation for a new baby. There are numerous reasons as to why people buy cars; maybe…

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Used Cars in Wisconsin


Looking for a new vehicle can prove to be nerve-wracking for most people. Most don’t have a dealer that they can go to for everything for their cars. They don’t have a team of professionals to go to for advice if they hear a weird noise or get advice if they think it’s time for an upgrade. But you already have an advantage over them. Even if you started this search feeling as clueless as them, you can sit here and enjoy an easier road to buying a new car. You know you can come to us…

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Used Cars for Sale in Waukesha

When you are looking at used cars for sale near you, there are so many more details than makes, models, and colors. You have to think about the rest of the car buying process, which is about financing and monthly payments afterward. If that makes you start to feel nervous because of your monthly budget, we will be quick to tell you something. It’s okay. At Ewald Venus Ford, we have…

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How Ford Financing Can Help Me

You know that it might be time to upgrade your vehicle when you start hearing funny noises. If your repair bills are adding up, we know how much relief you could find out of buying a car. You won’t have to worry about the small pieces rusting to create another bill for you to pay. At Ewald Venus Ford, we have an amazing selection of cars for you to buy from…

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Ford SUVs for Sale WI

Venturing off into the world of vehicles can be scary at first. There are so many options if you are looking for a Ford Edge in Milwaukee. We know that the amount of information you get from family, friends, and other dealers Milwaukee Ford, can be exhausting. That’s why at Ewald Venus Ford in Cudahy, WI, we make everything simple and easy for you. We can start right now by telling you…

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Ford Milwaukee Vehicles

Under the umbrella of buying a car is figuring out the financial side of things too. A lot of our customers come to us feeling stressed about that the most. Budgets are not an easy thing to figure out, and sometimes the guidelines of financing can be confusing to understand. You won’t have to carry a heavy burden if you come to our Milwaukee dealer. With a dealer, you don’t have…

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