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Ford Motor Credit in Cudahy, WI.

Have you been looking for a large selection of new and used cars trucks and SUVs for sale in Cudahy, WI? If So then you need to head to your local Ford dealership Ewald Venus Ford and see one of the many new and used cars for sale. Here at this Ford dealership near you, we have a large selection of new and used cars for sale with everything from a Ford f150 for sale, to a Ford Focus and everything in between.

Here at Ewald’s Venus Ford, we understand that when it comes to finding a large selection of new and used cars for sale, the process can seem never-ending. Which is why we have many different amenities to help make your car buying process as pain-free as possible. Which is why we also have an on-site Ford motor credit center where you can have one of our Ford finance team members walk you through every step of the Ford financing process.

Here at the Ford credit center, we want you to drive away in a new or used car that you love and can afford. Which is why our team of friendly and knowledgeable people will be there every step of the way. So we can help you figure out what your best financing option is based on your budget and needs.

If you are not sure if you are not sure if you are ready to finance a new or used car our team is happy to show you one of the many Ford lease deals available. Leasing a Ford comes with many benefits and can be an excellent solution for anyone looking to buy a new car but does not have a large down payment. When you choose one of the many Ford lease deals you are also getting a variety of benefits on top of a brand new car.

Ford Leasing

For many people, the thought of leasing is out of their reach, whether they are worried about going over their miles or not having enough options when it comes to choosing a lease. However, when you work with the team at our Ford motor credit center, we can help you into a lease program that fits your wants and needs.

When it comes to leasing a Ford, there are many benefits compared to financing. Not only can you drive away in a brand new Ford car but the terms of your lease and mileage allowance are both flexible giving you plenty of options so that your lease fits in with your lifestyle. When it comes to Ford leasing, you can drive away in a brand new car for a fraction of the cost of financing one.

Not only that but Ford lease contracts are about three years long. So if you do not love the vehicle you are in you can always trade it in for a different one. Never worry about going over your miles with our flexible lease programs. With Ford lease deals you choose from standard plans of 12,000-15,000 miles per year or even purchase more mileage when you sign your contract. On top of flexible miles, you can also choose from a variety of protection plans on top of your standard lease warranties.

Buying VS Leasing

While there are many benefits to leasing a Ford, it may not be right for everyone. Which is why here at Ewald’s Venus Ford we created an easy to read Buying VS Leasing page on our website, to help you make a more accurate decision. Some of the frequently asked questions that are answered include:

  • What are the up-front costs

  • Who owns the Vehicle

  • Future Value

  • End of Payments

At this Ford dealership we want you to make an informed decision that will benefit you, so we are happy to sit down and discuss your options when it comes to financing. That way you are getting the best possible deal for you and your budget here in Cudahy, WI. Whether you choose one of the Ford lease specials or would instead finance a vehicle, we will walk you through each step of the process here at the Ford motor credit finance center.

Ford Dealers in Wisconsin

When you are ready to drive away in the Ford of your dreams, head to Ewald’s Venus Ford in Cudahy, WI. Where you can find everything from new trucks, to used cars for sale and even a vast selection of cars under 5000 for sale as well. Be sure to stop by the Ford finance center to learn how you can get pre-approved for financing today in Cudahy, WI. Or even have one of the many Ford credit members show you one of the many Ford lease deals we have to offer. When you are looking for a Ford dealership near you in Wisconsin come to Ewald’s Hartford Ford at 2727 E. Layton Ave Cudahy, WI 53110.
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