Save on Oil Changes with Ewald's Venus Ford


Don't skimp out on maintaining your vehicle, especially when it comes to your routine oil change. Changing your oil is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to maintain your car, and require little effort, but despite its affordability your oil plays and absolutely essential role in your engine's health, and getting a regular oil change with Ewald Auto Service Center in Milwaukee will save you from expensive repair bill later on. 

What Does Oil Even Do?
If you wanna know why oil is so essential to your vehicle, then you can start by learning what oil does for your vehicle. Engine oil mainly does three essential things for your vehicle that help it stay in tip top shape, the first and most obvious of which is that it lubricates your engine parts so that everything can run smoothly without increased wearing. Its secondary function is to help keep your engine's temperature down so that it doesn't overheat by drawing heat away from its combustion chamber. The third function of your oil is to keep your engine nice and clean by preventing the buildup of substances like carbon and varnish. 

How Often You Should Change Your Oil?
Usually you will be recommend to change your oil after a certain amount of miles traveled, but some also believe that time is a reason for an oil change. But here at Ewald we believe that milage is a much more important factor in when you should have your oil changed, is use will produce more wear on your vehicle and engine that simply sitting around will. There are some other factors to consider such as extreme heat, towing a trailer, or driving where there is a lot of dust and sand. Just to be safe, Ewald recommends you change your oil every 3,000 miles, this way you can avoid any problems brought on by unchanged oil. When it comes to getting your oil change in Milwaukee come to the Milwaukee Car Service Center at Ewald's Automotive Group.

What Happens Otherwise?
There is absolutely no advantage to not changing your oil, and in fact it only causes your vehicle more serious problems. At first, buildup and debris will begin to gather in the cooler parts of your engine and will make your vehicle less efficient, which will need an engine cleaning to fix, and you can even wear out the piston rings. Continuing on is a bad decision, as it can lead to further problems like your pistons seizing up, and even resulting in damage to your crankshafts. To fix these you will need to [ay a very steep price, and you will regret not simply changing your oil. 

You can avoid these prices easily with Ewald Auto Parts and Service Center in Milwaukee, where you can get an oil change for cheap. We promise to have your oil changed in 45 minutes or less, and throw in a free top off of all fluids and even a free car wash. So drop on in to Ewald Automotive Group today and schedule an oil change for your vehicle now!
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